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After high school, I went to college at UCLA and graduated in 1991 with a BA in Biology and Political Science. In 1991, I graduated from UCLA School of Dentistry and what I didn't realize then was that I would love my profession more with each passing year.  Working with people, doing detailed work with my hands, solving problems-- all of this is a part and parcel of dentistry and I'm more in love with it now than when graduating.  For years, I worked in community health centers while dreaming of having my own practice. In 2013, that dream became a reality and now I have the freedom to experiment with different materials, offer different treatment options and always, always put my patients first. I love dentistry!

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Studied at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje

After 20 years working at community health centers, I started my own practice to serve families in my community and provide sensible affordable health care. This is my passion and I have tried to build a home for my patients and friends.

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I came to the US in 1976 as a kid who did not speak English. Growing up in an immigrant family in Hollywood meant that hard work and education always came first.  ESL classes, assimilating and adjusting to a new culture were all experienced first hand. 

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We are active in the community and are proud members of the  Eagle Rock Chamber of Commerce.